Erin Jackson
Olympic Female Athlete of the Year

Erin Jackson

Long Track, US Speedskating

Before 2016, Erin Jackson had never stepped on the ice. Erin was a roller skater for as long as she could remember, starting with inline speedskating in 2002 and adding roller derby in 2012. Inspired by all the inliners who came before her, she made the transition to ice. After less than a year of training with US Speedskating, Erin made the 2018 Olympic team.

Ranked as the top skater in the world in 500m, Erin almost didn’t make it to the 2022 Winter Games. An unusual slip during US Olympic trials left her future uncertain. Only two Americans were guaranteed to qualify, Erin was in third place. In a heartwarming gesture that left the country speechless, Brittany Bowe, fellow teammate, forfeited her spot in the event.

Brittany Bowe said that “Erin has a shot to bring home a medal, hopefully a gold medal.” And that she did. Erin, the 500m national record holder, became an Olympic Champion and made history as the first black woman to win an individual medal in speedskating.