Our Mission.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Utah Sports Commission is to help enhance Utah’s economy, image and quality of life through the attraction, promotion and development of national and international sports, and to be a catalyst for Utah in its Olympic legacy efforts.

Guiding Principles

The Utah Sports Commission plays a leadership role in attracting key sporting events to the state and leverages the sports market to generate economic impact and media exposure to Utah. It also strives to act as a facilitator, catalyst, coordinator, or any other appropriate role that might be helpful in fulfilling its mission and charter.

The Sports Commission’s goal and charter is to make life better for all citizens of Utah and help the sports industry and our communities grow economically through sport. The very nature of an effectively operating sports commission increases the number of sports events hosted in the state and helps facilitate and coordinate sports activities in a way that will benefit everyone in Utah.


Our Goals

  • Attract, host and support regional, national and international sports events and be a catalyst to grow Utah’s sports eco-system.
  • Enhance Utah’s domestic and international image by using sport as a platform to develop and promote a vibrant sports tourism industry.
  • Encourage the development of amateur athletics and sport development throughout the state.

Event Services

  • The Utah Sports Commission works with partners on bid development, volunteer coordination, sponsorship, event logistics planning, event promotion, and other related services.
  • The Sports Commission was chartered to manage the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games legacy Volunteer Database. This valuable resource provides well-trained volunteers to sporting events.
  • The Sports Commission has facilitated the creation of TEAM UTAH which consists of all entities within Utah working with the Sports Commission to improve the state through sports.
  • Through successful bid efforts with our TEAM UTAH partnering organizations, hundreds of events have been landed statewide, which have generated millions in economic impact to the state, many of which have been showcased to a national and international television audience. The Utah Sports Commission has provided financial grants to over 500 of these events, impacting 38 cities throughout the State of Utah.