The American Masters Weightlifting Championships Come To Salt Lake City November 2-4.

Athletes in the Olympic sport of weightlifting will travel to Salt Lake City from across the United States and Canada to compete at the annual Howard Cohen American Masters event Friday-Sunday, November 2-4.  This competition formerly known as the American Masters, was recently renamed to honor the living legend Howard Cohen and his contributions to the sport of masters weightlifting.

The event will take place in Hall 4 of the Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center.  With the help of the Utah Sports Commission and Visit Salt Lake, Salt Lake City has become a regular stop for USA Weightlifting National Events and now USA Master Weightlifting National events. Salt Lake City hosted the 2014 and 2016 National Championships and Olympic Team Trials. 

“The USA Masters Weightlifting Federation is excited to have the city of Salt Lake host our 2018 Howard Cohen American Open Weightlifting Championships. Salt Lake City has a rich history in hosting national, world, and Olympic events,” says Michael Cohen, Chairman of USA Masters Weightlifting, “We look forward to an outstanding weightlifting competition executed by one of American’s premier sporting communities.”

“As part of our Olympic and sports legacy efforts we have partnered with USA Weightlifting and others to host several weightlifting events in Utah,” said Jeff Robbins, President and CEO of the Utah Sports Commission. “We are thrilled to have been selected to host the Howard Cohan American Masters and we welcome these athletes to Utah as we host another key weightlifting event.” 

Masters weightlifting offers competitive sport to athletes age 35+.  Competition is divided into 5-year age groups and includes athletes as old as 85 who are competing regularly in the sport.  “Utah will send more than 20 of our best weightlifters ranging in ages 35-60 to compete alongside lifters in their class from all over the North America,” Debbie Millet, owner and head coach of Praxis Weightlifting of Salt Lake City said. Praxis will be the host of the event.

“This will be our first opportunity to host a Masters event. It will be a great opportunity for spectators to see up close and personal, the benefits of weight training in all stages of life.”  Millet said.  There will be a special evening session on Saturday at 6:30 where youth and junior athletes from Utah and Wyoming will demonstrate what competitive weightlifting looks like at a young age in the main hall.  “After seeing kids as young as 10 and athletes as old as 85 compete in a strength and power sport, this will act as an invitation for all ages to find a coach and club and start training safely in weightlifting.”

The Howard Cohen American Masters weightlifting competition will be held in conjunction with the USPA Grand Prix, a powerlifting competition.  “Having these two events side by side, will illustrate the differences between the Olympic sport of weightlifting and the sport of powerlifting; strength sports that people often confuse with one another.”  Millet said.  

Salt Lake City will also host the 2019 National Masters Championships, March 28-31, 2019.  

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